Institut für Internationale Sprachen IFINS


Koblenzer Str.29 

57072 Siegen

 +49(0) 271- 77-00-788

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Gegründet 2002 von Mina Wilhelm 


"Those who do not know foreign languages know nothing of their own." Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The Institute for International Languages IFINS - the most important language-school, for foreigners, resettlers and asylum seekers, in Siegerland was founded in 2002 by Mina Wilhelm.

Our program includes:

German integration courses for immigrants


German courses for DSH exam (this is necessary for admission to German universities)


Courses in Russian, German and English, primary or advanced, are offered.

Our institute is located in the city center, only some meters from the railway station away and is easily accessible by public transport. All classrooms are furnished in a modern style and equipped with everything for effective learning.

Our participants

Currently IFINS has 29 German integration courses, with more than 500 hundred students. These come originally from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, Iran and many other countries.


Our teachers

IFINS currently has 20 high qualified teachers who use the latest and most effective teaching methods in their classroom. The most important thing is to the training on the spoken language, because language skills are the first step towards a successful integration and thus to a happy life in Germany.


Our goal is to provide our students with high quality knowledge and support at all levels of education. Our participants learn not only discipline at our college, they also feel a warm and family atmosphere. Personal training programs can be found here

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